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Fund Changes - Allianz GEM Equity High Dividend Fund - Published: 22 Sep 2016

Allianz has notified us that they will be making changes to the Investment Objective and Investment Principles of their GEM Equity High Dividend Fund and these will come in effect on 3 October 2016.

Name Change - Sarasin will change names on some of their funds - Published: 07 Sep 2016

Sarasin has informed us they will be changing the name to several of their funds effective 28th of November 2016. The funds included in these changes that can be found within our product range are Equisar Global Thematic Fund and also their Food & Agriculture Opportunities Fund.

Investment Policy Change - Pictet Asset Management various funds - Published: 16 Mar 2016

Effective 16 March 2016 Pictet has changed the investment policy for several of its funds including: Pictet Emerging local currency Debt, Pictet Timber, Pictet Premium Brands, Pictet Water and Pictet Asian local Currency Debt.

Fund Merger - Pictet Asset Management - Published: 07 Mar 2016

Effective 30 March 2016 Pictet Asset Management will merge their Absolute Return Global Diversified Fund with their Multi Asset Opportunities Fund. The Board of Directors of the Fund believe this to be in shareholders' best interests.

New Fund Links - Quantum, Oracle, Paragon and LifePlan - Published: 15 Feb 2016

We've just completed our annual fund review for Quantum, Oracle, Paragon and LifePlan. We've added 28 new funds and introduced 6 new fund groups to the range. Click through to see the full story.

Change of Index - BNP Paribas Islamic Equity Optimiser Fund - Published: 18 Aug 2015

Effective 14 September 2015, the fund will change index to the “Dow Jones Islamic Market Developed Markets Top Cap Index”, amending its stock selection methodology in line with this. The change affects our guided architecture products: LifePlan, Oracle, Paragon, Quantum & Protected Lifestyle. Policyholders have been written to. Click on this story for more details.

Investment Policy Change - Pictet Absolute Return Global Diversified Fund - Published: 22 May 2015

Pictet will be making a number of changes including broadening the Fund's investment options on 26 May 2015. The changes impact the following guided-architecture products: LifePlan, Oracle, Paragon and Quantum. Click on this story for full details and to view sample letters that have been issued to policyholders and investment advisers.

Fund Closure - Investec GSF Managed Currency - Published: 22 May 2015

We have been informed by Investec Asset Management that they intend to close their Investec GSF Managed Currency Fund on 19 June 2015.

Portfolio Holdings Change - BNY Mellon Global Equity Fund - Published: 13 Mar 2015

Following a review, BNY Mellon will be making a small amendment to the number of holdings held within the fund. The fund will move to a more concentrated portfolio of around 60-90 holdings. This impacts the following guided-architecture products: Kudos, LifePlan, Preference, Prosper and Protected Lifestyle. Click on this story for full details.

4 New Islamic fund links for Oracle, Paragon, Quantum & LifePlan - Published: 12 Feb 2015

We’ve added more Islamic funds to our products, following adviser demand. This takes the core number of Islamic fund links to 9 for Oracle, Paragon and Quantum, and 6 for LifePlan. Click on this story for more details.

8 new fund links for LifePlan - Published: 03 Nov 2014

Following a fund review we are pleased to announce the addition of 8 new core fund links to LifePlan. That’s 13 when all currency variants are taken into account. The funds are available with immediate effect. The new links include a Healthcare fund, a North America Equity fund, and 2 Global Equity Income funds. Click on this story for more details.

Fund Merger - JPMorgan Global Balanced Fund (USD) - Published: 11 Oct 2013

On the 29 November 2013 the JPMorgan Global Balanced Fund (USD) will be merged into the JPMorgan Global Balanced Fund (EUR).The merger affects the following product: Lifeplan. Policyholders have been written to about the merger. Click on this story for the full details and to view sample policyholder letters.

Templeton Global Bond fund added to the LifePlan fund range - Published: 04 Feb 2013

With effect from 4 February 2013, the fund will be available in 3 currency variants, USD, EUR, EUR Hedged and CHF Hedged. As a consistent 1st and 2nd quartile performer we're sure you and your clients will find it a worthy addition to the range.

Unit Split - Carmignac Patrimoine EUR Fund - Published: 10 Dec 2012

On 12 November 2012, Carmignac Gestion carried out a split on the units of the Carmignac Patrimoine A EUR Acc fund. In order to do this, the net asset value per unit has been divided by 10, which means that the number of units held by each shareholder has been multiplied by 10 (for example, if a shareholder held 5 units, they now hold 50). We are currently undertaking the administration process of applying this change to the policies of those invested in the fund. The changes affect the following guided architecture products: Oracle, Paragon, Quantum and LifePlan. Affected policyholders have been written to, notifying them of the unit split.

Change of Objective - Schroder ISF Asian Bond Absolute Return Fund - Published: 21 Mar 2012

The board of directors of the Schroder International Selection Fund has decided to amend the investment objective and to change the methodology for calculating the global risk exposure of the Schroder ISF Asian Bond Absolute Return Fund with effect from 2 April 2012. The changes affect the following guided-architecture products: Preference, Kudos, Prosper, Quantum, Paragon, Oracle, LifePlan. Affected policyholders have been written to to notify them of the changes.

Fund Closure – Selector World Shariah Value - Published: 16 Mar 2012

The Selector World Shariah Value Fund has been closed due to significant changes in its economic situation. Values have been returned to shareholders. The changes affect the following guided-architecture ranges: Quantum, Paragon, Oracle and LifePlan. Affected policyholders have been written to.