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New fund additions – LifePlan

Quality, choice and variety. Multi–asset additions to the range increase the funds available to 94 (169 including currency variants).

As part of our commitment to providing our clients with access to a diverse menu of quality investment options within low to medium volatility limits, we regularly review the funds available to our protection product LifePlan.

We have recently completed a review of some of the investment sectors in our guided-architecture range and are pleased to be able to announce a number of new fund additions to LifePlan.

The review process considers the performance and risk profile of funds within the range to determine whether they continue to provide the right outcomes for investors and remain appropriate for the product. Funds we feel no longer possess the right qualities will be removed to make way for new additions that offer something attractive or complementary to the range, including those highly rated by independent global investment research company Morningstar®.

As a result, we are intending to remove two of our existing funds from the range (six including currency variants), whilst adding nine additional funds (18 including currency variants). The new additions to the range are multi-asset funds and introduces two new fund managers to the range, M&G Investments and Artemis.

By adding these funds, the core fund range now stands at 94 funds (169 including currency variants), increasing from 87 funds (157 including currency variants).

For more information about the funds we have removed from the range to make way for these new additions click here.


Sector: Global Managed

Fund name

Currency options

Morningstar category

Morningstar rating*


Artemis Monthly Distribution


GBP Moderate Allocation

4 Star/Silver


BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Diversified Return


GBP Moderate Allocation

4 Star


Momentum Global Harmony Portfolios Sterling Balanced


GBP Moderate Allocation

2 Star


Fidelity Funds Global Multi-Asset Income



USD Moderate Allocation

4 Star/Silver


BGF Global Multi-Asset Income



USD Moderate Allocation

3 Star/Silver


M&G Optimal Income


GBP Cautious Allocation

5 Star/Silver


M&G (Lux) Optimal Income

EUR Hedged USD Hedged CHF Hedged

EUR Cautious Allocation USD Cautious Allocation

CHF Cautious Allocation

5 Star/Silver

1.47% 1.49% 1.49%

Invesco Pan European High Income




EUR Cautious Allocation

5 Star/Silver


Jupiter Merlin Growth Portfolio


GBP Adventurous Allocation

4 Star/Bronze


First Eagle Amundi International***

EUR Hedged

GBP Hedged

CHF Hedged

USD Aggressive Allocation

3 Star


Notes: Information within this table is sourced from Morningstar® and is correct as at 30 September 2019.

* Morningstar® awards a Star rating based on historic returns adjusted for risk and charges, with the top 10% of funds in a category awarded a 5 Star and the bottom 10% a 1 Star. Morningstar also award a Bronze/Silver/Gold award for those funds which have been analysed and are believed to possess the ability to outperform funds in the same category over a market cycle (five years or greater).

** Ongoing Charge (“OCF”) includes the Annual Management Charge plus other operational expenses, so better reflects the total costs applied to the fund.

*** First Eagle Amundi International already features in the range in USD currency. Additional currency options of EUR Hedged, GBP Hedged and CHF Hedged are being added.