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Retirement planning articles

Find out more about the potential retirement planning solutions which are available offshore, with our comprehensive library of related articles.

How long are we all going to live? - Published: 16 Nov 2015

People are living longer today than at any other time; we assess the impact of this and what it will mean for retirement planning.

A SIPP or a QROPS? - Published: 12 Apr 2013

Ever since QROPS have been available there has been a discussion, normally led by product providers, over whether a SIPP is better or worse for a client living overseas than a QROPS.

Honey I've shrunk our pension pot - Published: 28 Feb 2013

A young, upcoming project manager (in the oil sector) and his wife arrive in Dubai, about to begin the next chapter of their life together. Seduced by the salary, the climate, the beautifully appointed beach front apartment, and the promise of an early retirement, their future appears on course. But lurking in the shadows, a silent truth prepares to deprive of them of the future they’ve taken for granted.

Quirks of QROPS - Published: 28 Dec 2012

Technical Marketing Manager Neil Chadwick considers the future of QROPS

QROPS - where are we now? - Published: 30 Jun 2012

Luanne Ahearne, technical support consultant, provides an update on the current developments impacting the QROPS market.

Quantum - Don't delay retirement saving - Published: 01 Apr 2012

Planning for retirement is crucial for clients who want to maintain their current standard of living in the future, but delaying that planning could have a dramatic effect, can Quantum save the day?

Quantum - Short-term saving for retirement - Published: 01 Apr 2012

Not all clients have the abilitiy to save over the long-term for retirement, so could Quantum provide a solution where short-term funding is a must?

Pensions Time Bomb - Published: 31 Jan 2012

HMRC is proposing to overhaul the special tax rules which provide UK income tax relief on policy gains for UK resident policyholders who were not UK resident during the period of ownership.

Retirement saving for a rainy day - Published: 23 Jan 2012

Luanne Ahearne, technical support consultant, discovers that 61% of people are more scared of outliving their assets than of actually dying! What does this mean for regular saving and building a retirement nest egg?

The emergence of QROPS - Published: 30 Dec 2010

Celine Broughton, marketing analyst, looks at the links between recent demographic shifts and the prominence of QROPS.

The pensions time bomb - Published: 30 Dec 2010

David Crellin, marketing analyst, lights the fuse of the pensions time bomb and examines some of the key reasons why retirement saving is more important than ever before.

Is it a QNUPS? Is it a QROPS? - Published: 30 Apr 2010

Luanne Ahearne, technical support consultant, takes a look at the latest acronym to reach our shores, QNUPS. What is a QNUPS. how does it differ from a QROPS and who should consider one - all is revealed.

A defining moment for QROPS - Published: 27 Feb 2010

Luanne Ahearne, technical support consultant, investigates the implications for members of defined benefit schemes considering moving their pension to a QROPS.