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Tax planning articles

Find out more about the potential tax planning solutions which are available offshore, with our comprehensive library of related articles.

Tax planning for non doms - Published: 08 May 2019

Offshore bonds may provide a solution for long term UK resident non doms who are currently paying, or who face paying, an annual Remittance Basis Charge. Read on to find out why.

Taxation of highly personalised policies for UK residents - Published: 17 Nov 2015

By Kirsty Caley, RL360 Technical Support Consultant

New UK Capital Gains Tax on residential property held by non UK residents - Published: 09 Sep 2015

The scope of UK Capital Gains Tax (CGT) was extended to non-UK residents selling UK residential property interests.

UK inheritance tax planning using whole of life assurance - Published: 18 Oct 2013

RL360 Technical Marketing Manager Neil Chadwick takes a look at the world of IHT

FATCA - the Key Dates - Published: 29 Jul 2013

Financial institutions have more time to comply with FATCA as the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and Treasury Department delay implementation. Below is a revised timeline.

A SIPP or a QROPS? - Published: 12 Apr 2013

Ever since QROPS have been available there has been a discussion, normally led by product providers, over whether a SIPP is better or worse for a client living overseas than a QROPS.

Changes to the Taxation of UK residential Properties - Published: 11 Jan 2013

UK Government to introduce new tax charges for UK property held in corporate structures

The law on GAAR - Published: 05 Oct 2012

The recent HMRC consultation on General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR) could have implications for tax avoidance planning opportunities

Proposed changes to Time Apportionment Relief - Published: 30 Aug 2012

HMRC is proposing to overhaul the special tax rules which provide UK income tax relief on policy gains for UK resident policyholders who were not UK resident during the period of ownership.

FACT'D off with FACTA - Published: 30 Jul 2012

Neil Chadwick, technical marketing manager, goes into detail on the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) and what it means for insurers and 'US persons' going forward.

Trust planning - the good, the bad & the ugly! - Published: 30 May 2012

Neil Chadwick, technical marketing manager, shares his views on trust planning; where it works well, where it doesn't and where it can all go horribly wrong!

UK Budget 2012 - impact on offshore bonds - Published: 30 Apr 2012

Neil Chadwick, technical marketing manager, examines the fall-out from the UK budget and some of the tax planning schemes that have been closed down as a result.

The long arm of the UK taxman - Published: 30 Aug 2011

Neil Chadwick, technical marketing manager, takes a brief look at HMRCs consultation proposals which are supposed to make life easier advisers when working out a clients exposure to UK tax.

Tax planning for UK domiciled expats - Published: 30 Jul 2011

Luanne Ahearne, technical support consultant, offers up 10 strategies to potentially reduce your clients tax liability on their return to the UK.

Offshore bonds - a good pension alternative? - Published: 30 Mar 2011

Luanne Ahearne, technical support consultant, assesses the impact of the UK governments decision to cap tax relief on pension contributions, and how an offshore bond might help.

UK IHT rule changes - Published: 30 Mar 2011

Neil Chadwick, technical marketing manager, considers the amendments which have been made to the excepted estates rules for UK IHT, and if they will place a burden on individuals planning to protect against IHT.

Trusts - one size does not fit all - Published: 27 Feb 2011

Neil Chadwick, technical marketing manager, highlights some of the key questions to ask when considering a suitable trust for clients.

Discretionary trusts - flexibility at a cost? - Published: 30 Oct 2010

Celine Broughton, marketing analysts, finds there is a common misconception that the flexibility of a discretionary trust comes as a cost. Perhaps a Discounted Gift Trust set up on discretionary basis can help bury the myth?

A testing time for trusts? - Published: 30 Aug 2010

Andrew Dudgeon, product marketing manager, attempts to find some clarity in complexity when assessing the impact of the UK's emergency budget on discretionary trusts. Easier said than done.

Offshore bonds for corporate clients - Published: 30 Aug 2010

Luanne Ahearne, technical support consultant, demonstrates how a company might make use of an offshore bond. Most of the time we only hear about the tax advantages for individuals or trusts, so how can a bond work for a company and what do you need to know?

Discounted gift schemes - Published: 30 Jul 2010

Neil Chadwick, technical marketing manager, brings us up to speed with regard to discounted gift trusts. How do they work, what impact can they have, what is HMRCs view and how are they underwriten - all is explained.

Implications of the emergency UK budget - Published: 30 Jul 2010

Neil Chadwick, technical marketing manager, rounds-up the key points from the UK emergency budget and highlights all the relevant changes you need to know about.

Offshore bonds for expatriates - Published: 30 May 2010

Luanne Ahearne, technical support consultant, highlights some of the many benefits for expatriate clients that an offshore bond may be able to provide.

Offshore boost from probable rise in CGT - Published: 30 May 2010

Celine Broughton, marketing analyst, examines how the likely increase in UK CGT, come the budget, may play out from an offshore bond perspective and how it is likely to make offshore bonds even more popular.

Trusts for all situations - Published: 30 Jan 2010

Luanne Ahearne, technical support consultant, delves deep into the RL360 trust range and explains just some of the many potential benefits of using various types of trust.

Who said tax wasn't taxing? - Published: 30 Jan 2010

Neil Chadwick, technical marketing manager, puts the tax changes directed towards UK resident non-domiciles under the microscope through a series of examples and ponders how much more legislation will be added in the years to come.