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RL360 LifePlan Lebanon - Fund Range

Choose from a range of quality funds which balance growth with lower levels of risk.

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A fund range that keeps it real - to make a real difference

We understand that choosing the right investment options that have steady growth potential is vital to help your clients maintain their chosen level of protection benefits at an affordable level. 


LifePlan Lebanon operates on the basis that at least 50% of your client's payments must be invested into our Lebanese Deposit Fund. The remainder can be invested into any of the other external funds available within the range. We also rebalance plans periodically to ensure that at least 50% remains invested in the Lebanese Deposit Fund. 


The funds which we have carefully handpicked for the external range have to operate within a specified volatility ratio. This attempts to marry steady growth with above inflation returns, and whilst there are no performance guarantees, at least you know the range is compiled to work for your clients to limit sharp performance fluctuations.


To make things clear...

We don't apply initial fund charges

With our institutional buying power, your clients will benefit from zero charges on initial investment into any fund in the range and all subsequent investments. This extends further to any future switching and portfolio rebalancing.


We don't charge for switching

There are no charges for changing funds.


We don't charge custodian fees

There are no custodian fees to worry about with LifePlan Lebanon.


We don't offer mirror funds

The range offers 30+ USD denominated direct funds to choose from.


And we offer you...


There's a mix of asset classes to choose from including currency/money market, fixed interest, equity, global managed, hedge/structured products and Islamic, providing extensive options to diversify the investment element of the plan.


Risk Ratings

Funds risk rated between 1 & 7 (1 being low, 7 being high), helping you to match funds with your client's attitude to risk.


Investment materials

Our Fund Guide, Fund Performance Bulletin and Factsheets are all updated regularly to provide you and your client with up to date details of the options available and how they are performing.