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A good general savings plan should be simple and accessible, while also offering potential for serious growth. So we developed our Regular Savings Plan as the straightforward but flexible plan that we believe provides a gold standard in the offshore market.


Next, we make it an even easier sell by building in a generous bonus structure, beginning with a big boost right at the start.


Here are some of the main benefits that could make Regular Savings Plan attractive to your clients when they consider their savings needs.





Highly affordable, with low entry payments

Your clients can start saving with as little as USD 280 a month (they can always increase this later).


Choose from seven plan currencies

Your clients have a choice of seven different currencies when paying into their plan – so they can choose whichever suits them best.


Credit cards welcome

Clients often prefer to pay by credit card, but understandably don’t want to pay extra credit card fees. With our savings plan, we do not pass on any fees charged by credit card providers unless it is American Express. For payments made by American Express, an additional 1% of the amount taken will be deducted to help cover their fee.





Payment allocation

Each regular payment will be allocated at 100% or more. For larger amounts we increase the allocation to 101% or 102%.


The unit booster

We add a starter bonus of up to 600% of the monthly payment to the plan right at the start. And this isn’t just a one-off: your clients can gain further bonuses in the future, if they increase the amount they save sufficiently. With our savings plan, there’s always more to look forward to.


Long-term loyalty pays

Our savings plan pays a loyalty bonus based on fund value at the end of the payment term. (Not a bonus based on the amount paid, unlike some providers.) This leaves more scope for potential extra gains - the better the plan performs, the bigger the bonus.




Excellent fund choice

Your clients can select from more than 350 funds from world-leading fund managers, on fully discounted terms – and these are direct investment funds, not mirror funds.


Free and simple switching

We don’t charge to change funds, so your clients can switch between sectors and themes as frequently as they decide. And they won’t pay any initial charges from the fund manager, either. This can even be done online.


Flexible and accessible

If your client’s circumstances change, even if only after a short while, their plan can change with them – our payment holiday means they can take a break from saving. They can also take withdrawals should they need to, and they can pay in lump sums when they want to.


Easy monitoring means extra reassurance for your clients

If they wish, your clients can view the progress of their plan online, simply and at no cost, just by activating their Online Service Centre account.