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The Viking Longboat Championships

Each summer RL360° supports the Viking Longboat Championships, held in Peel, in the west of the Isle of Man.

Teams from businesses and organisations across the Isle of Man, including a few fielded by RL360°, compete in a rowing contest around the harbour in traditional Viking Longboats. The winning teams in each category, plus second and third places, receive cash prizes, all donated by RL360°. All of this money is then donated to the teams’ charity of choice.

Click here for more about the Viking Longboat Championships.

Viking Longboat World Championships: Netball team lift race title - BBC News

RL360° Viking Longboat team

Nine-year-old TJ Teare is pictured receiving a cheque for £500 from RL360°’s Jayne Moffatt and Peel Viking Longboat Chairman Nigel Rawlinson at a special Longboats charity cheque presentation held at the Whitehouse Pub on Friday (20 October). Motocross and cycling enthusiast TJ, who is aiming to compete in the Paralympics one day, received the money after the Minions mixed team won first prize in the World Championship Viking Longboat Races held in Peel earlier this year.

RL360° Viking Longboat team

RL360° Viking Longboat team