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Quick facts

Affordable, flexible, regular savings for the offshore market

Quantum is a quality product for clients who wish to save for the future regularly but flexibly - perhaps to supplement their savings outside of pensions or other tax-advantaged vehicles. It provides the potential to build up cash for substantial future expenditures, such as paying school or university fees, or supplementing income in retirement.

What’s more, Quantum is far from being an unknown quantity. It’s based on one of our previous high-selling plans that advisers loved so much, they asked us to bring it back. So we did, and added a whole new range of benefits to make it even more of a flagship product.

Quantum is simple, affordable, accessible, and opens the way to investing in a high quantity of quality funds from world-leading managers. And, these are real funds: in line with our commitment to integrity and plain dealing, we don’t try to dazzle your clients with mirror funds. We also pass on fund discounts.

All in all, Quantum offers advisers rather a lot of solace. You can offer it to your clients with just as much confidence of success as we recommend it to you.

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