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RL360° launches Asset Protection Plan

Loved ones will have one less thing to worry about thanks to RL360°’s newly launched financial planning solution, which protects your client’s assets after their death.

The Asset Protection Plan (A.P.P.) is the latest financial planning solution to be added to the RL360° range. It’s a combined regular premium whole of life policy and trust designed to pay out a lump sum which will fund a financial liability arising on death (such as an inheritance tax bill), preventing other assets from having to be sold.

A.P.P. is a combination of RL360°’s LifePlan and one of three of its existing trusts, to allow for three different client scenarios:

  • Non-UK domicile single or joint life/applicant who requires a lump sum on death, and possibly critical illness cover (CIC).
  • UK domicile single life/applicant who requires a lump sum on death (and possibly CIC).
  • UK domicile single or joint life/applicant who requires a lump sum on death only (no CIC)

It's suitable for:

  • Non-UK domiciled clients who have UK assets that exceed the nil rate band.
  • Or
  • Non-resident UK nationals looking to return to the UK.

RL360° Technical Marketing Manager Neil Chadwick said: “Being able to insure against a financial liability, as opposed to your estate having to sell assets to pay it after your death, is clearly the preferential option. The A.P.P. allows you to do just that.”

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