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Don't let someone take a bite out of your estate

Protect your assets with our new Asset Protection Plan and leave one less thing for loved ones to worry about

Clients with an existing or future financial liability that will happen upon their death can protect their assets with an RL360 Asset Protection Plan.

This is the latest financial planning solution added to the RL360 range. It’s a combined regular premium whole of life policy and trust that is designed to pay out a lump sum which will fund a financial liability arising on death (such as an inheritance tax bill), preventing other assets from having to be sold.

Three versions are available depending on your client’s circumstances.

It’s suitable for:

  • non-UK domiciled clients who have UK assets that exceed the Nil Rate Band (NRD)
  • or

  • non-resident UK nationals looking to return to the UK

Summary of the Asset Protection Plan

  • Available on a
  • Single Life basis

    Joint Life Last Death basis

  • Maximum of 2 individuals as life assureds
  • Plan can be denominated in one of the following currencies:
  • GBP, USD, EUR and JPY.

  • Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly
  • Critical illness is also cover available (if required)
  • Repatriation cover is available (if required)
  • The applicant(s) is automatically a trustee
  • Flexible beneficiaries
  • Life cover element is not taken into account for UK IHT valuation purposes
  • No Probate documents are required to access the plan value on death

If you have clients that could benefit from this solution and you want to discuss in further detail, please contact your RL360 Regional Sales Manager.

Not sure who your Regional Sales Manager is? Click here: http://www.rl360adviser.com/contactus/sales.htm

The RL360 Asset Protection Plan is a combination of RL360's LifePlan and one of the RL360's trusts. RL360's Asset Protection Plan is not available to UK residents.