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Limited Issue Bonds (SLI) - Introduction

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The following products were sold under the Scottish Life International (SLI) brand but are now closed to new business. They were limited issue bonds where the return was based on the performance of a particular stock market between a set start and maturity date (typically 5 or 6 years):

  • Dollar Deposit Bonus Bond
  • International Deposit Bonus Bond
  • Deposit Bonus Bond Series 2
  • Income & Growth Bonus Bond
  • Income & Growth Bonus Bond Series 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • Protected Bonus Bond
  • Protected Bonus Bond Series 2 and 3
  • Select Income & Growth Bond
  • Select Income & Growth Bond Series 2

Cash Fund factsheets

Owners who did not request their money back at maturity are now invested in one of the following cash funds. To view an up-to-date factsheet click on the fund name below:

RL360 GBP Cash Fund

RL360 USD Cash Fund