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Quick facts

A long-term bond for clients who know that good things are worth waiting for

Paragon is a regular savings policy that sets a new paradigm, as it’s specifically designed for the longer term. It’s aimed at helping more discerning clients meet their financial goals, especially for retirement. And we think it does this with panache, delivering one of the most competitive bonus schemes in the regular premium savings market. This unique bonus structure means Paragon tends to come into its own after 10 years or so – making it suitable for clients who have the insight and ambition to look beyond 5-year returns. The investments are also structured to avoid any extra charge on repatriation.

Paragon cuts the costs of building a portfolio of world-class investments, while offering the flexibility to vary contributions and make additional single premiums. And, while this is a true long-term investment, you can always rely on a short-notice response from RL360's expert technical team. They can provide expert knowledge and help with any planning opportunities that may arise. At the same time, our secure online servicing lets you self-manage in key areas.

So, when you have clients who are genuinely focused on the long term, tell them they need wait no longer. They can start a Paragon today.