RL360's Regular Savings Plan Malaysia | Invest from $350 a Month

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RL360 Regular Savings Plan Malaysia

Where saving starts from just $350 a month.


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Quick facts

  • USD 350 per month minimum
  • 4 plan currencies
  • 100-102% allocation
  • Starter bonus
  • Loyalty bonus
  • 350+ funds

Our savings plan is a quality product for clients who wish to save for the future regularly but flexibly - perhaps to supplement their savings outside of pensions or other tax-advantaged vehicles. It provides the potential to build up cash for substantial future expenditures, such as paying school or university fees, or supplementing income in retirement. 


It's simple, affordable, accessible, and opens the way to investing in a high quantity of quality funds from world-leading managers. And, these are real funds: in line with our commitment to integrity and plain dealing, we dont try to dazzle your clients with mirror funds. We also pass on fund discounts. 


All in all, it’s a savings plan that can be offered to your clients with confidence.