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RL360 LifePlan Lebanon

Our flexible protection plan that can blend whole of life and term life cover.

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Quick facts

  • Protection plan
  • USD 200 per month minimum
  • Whole of life cover
    up to USD7,500,000
  • Term cover element
  • Accidental death element

Life cover for clients in the Lebanon

Lebanon is one of the world’s most vibrant countries, a crossroads between Europe, Asia and the Arab world. With this in mind, we have created a product that combines protection and investment themes in a thoroughly cosmopolitan way to meet the needs of your clients.


Your clients will have various reasons for needing life cover – ranging from protecting their spouses and families, to cover for their business interests to family succession planning.


But even so, we understand that selling life cover can be challenging. Explaining the difference between whole of life and term is bad enough. Then you are faced with having to outline how their protection needs could change over time, and construct a portfolio of policies to take account of this.


That’s why we applied our all-round perspective in developing LifePlan Lebanon. It’s a one-stop plan offering each client the flexibility to combine primary life cover with supplementary term cover for the years when a high pay-out is most needed. So with this one plan, your clients can protect their families, businesses and themselves, and get on with, as they say, having a life.


And, because of our 360 vision, you can rely on us to give your clients a wider range of add-on benefits too. See for yourself here