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Just like this page. If you want to cut to the chase and examine the features of PIMS here they are. Scroll down for details of the charging structure. For full details you should read the PIMS Product Guide that can be found in the PIMS literature suite.


  • Access to a wide range of assets (subject to our acceptance)
  • Benefits from a range of institutional discounts in place with a variety of fund managers
  • Appoint an Investment Adviser
  • Appoint a Discretionary Manager
  • Appoint an Investment Platform


  • Individuals over 18
  • Companies and Corporate Trustees
  • Lives assured maximum age 75*
  • *youngest life assured can be no older than 75 years at next birthday


  • Capital redemption or life assurance
  • Up to 100 segments
  • Choice of 7 plan currencies
  • Minimum GBP 50,000 initial payment
  • Minimum GBP 5,000 additional payment


  • Regular withdrawals
  • One-Off withdrawals
  • Segment cancellation


  • Plan information for clients and advisers
  • Dealing

The charging structure

There are a number of different ways to the structure the charges associated with PIMS, you can select the way that suits your clients' circumstances best. Furthermore it is possible to structure charges differently between the initial payment and additional payments, so your clients can always benefit from the most appropriate set of charges.

There are two main elements to the charging structure, they can be used individually or in combination: Allocation Rate and Establishment Charge.

Click on each heading below to reveal more...

Reduced allocation rate
  • Payment allocated at less than 100%
  • Reduction is driven by our charge and initial commission taken
  • No early exit charges
Establishment charge
  • Payment typically allocated at 100%
  • Additional allocation available - 105% maximum
  • Charge can be spread over 5, 8 or 10 years
  • Early exit charge applies during the 5, 8 or 10 year periods - taken as a percentage of your payment

Please read the PIMS Product Guide which can be found in our PIMS literature suite for more information