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Saving for the future with benefits from day one

We think of Oracle as our ‘baby bond’, giving clients access to the world of serious multi-fund investment from just USD 32,000. At the same time, clients can keep access to their money.

Alongside prospects of growth delivered through a combination of leading fund managers, Oracle offers an attractive bonus structure throughout. This ranges from an initial extra allocation to an ongoing loyalty bonus.

And, even when the future isn’t clear, an Oracle bond is. We make it easy for you to administrate and manage, and for your clients to check on the progress of their investments. Here are the key points:

It's easy to get started...

Simple and affordable

Your clients can start investing from just USD 32,000 (they can always add to this later).

Choose capital redemption over life assurance

This means no lives assured on the policy, which may be ideal for trusts or corporate entities that don't want their policy brought to an end after the untimely death of a life assured.

Choose from seven policy currencies

Your clients have a choice of seven different currencies when paying into Oracle – so they can choose whichever suits them best.

With enhancement potential on day 1 and beyond...

Extra allocation for larger investments

We scale the allocation rates up to 105%, depending on the size of premium. This helps get every Oracle policy off to a flying start. What's more, your client can also benefit if they top-up significantly in the future too.

Loyalty pays

Oracle adds a loyalty bonus worth 0.50% of the fund value on the policy’s sixth anniversary, and annually each year after that.

And flexibility throughout...

Adaptable and accessible

If your clients’ circumstances change, they can access their policy at any time through regular or one-off withdrawals. So while providing an opportunity for long-term investment, Oracle is also suitable for clients who might need to meet occasional or unforeseen expenses.

Free and simple switching

We don’t charge to change funds, so your clients can switch between sectors and themes as frequently as they decide. And they won’t pay any initial charges from the fund manager, either. This can even be done online.

Easy monitoring means extra reassurance for your clients

If they wish, your clients can view the progress of their Oracle policies online, simply and at no cost, just by activating their Online Service Centre account.