Planning with RL360's flexible life cover LifePlan.

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Planning with LifePlan

LifePlan aims to provide comprehensive cover and offers a wide range of planning opportunities.

Whether your client needs life cover for themself, wants to set up life cover for a key person in their business, or needs something to protect savings in retirement, LifePlan can be tailored to suit those needs.

For international expatriates, there is often little in the way of support from Government in times of a health crisis, and LifePlan can help clients feel assured that the financial protection they need is available.

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A LifePlan for Singles

Whether your client is making those first steps towards starting a family or just looking to buy their first house, life cover is crucial to helping them get started and to stay protected. Whether they want a large plan, or a small one that grows with their financial needs, they have a partner in us.

With a plan that can be increased (without extra medical testing) if they get married and again if they have children, LifePlan can adapt and grow over time with them.

A LifePlan for Family

A client’s financial planning needs change over the course of their lives.

Buying houses, putting children through school, planning for retirement and even paying for weddings all impact a client’s long term financial goals.

There is however, always one constant need. The need for life cover.

Having an insurance plan is important to preventing the financial loss that can accompany the unthinkable.

A LifePlan for Business

Protecting a business against the death of a key member of staff is just as important as protecting it from competitors.

By having in place an insurance plan for any key members of staff, a business can offset any financial losses it might face if a key member of staff dies.