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A sophisticated portfolio bond for more experienced investors where premiums start at $80,000

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Focused on being flexible

Taking the step-up from a guided-architecture product to a fully open-architecture product requires careful consideration. With PIMS Focused we've found a way to bridge that gap,


Guided-architecture PIMS Focused

PIMS Focused provides access to a defined menu of over 1,000+ investment funds. These have been carefully selected to incorporate a broad range of investment styles and varying degrees of risk.

The product charging for PIMS Focused is lower, due to the defined menu, which could make it the ideal vehicle where your client simply requires access to a large range of conventional investment funds and recognised management houses. And your client can upgrade to PIMS Flexible at any time in the future for a one-off fee (see The Facts for details).

For a full list of funds available via PIMS Focused, you can research them in our PIMS Focused fund centre.

Naturally, for many of your clients you may wish to start with full investment freedom from the get go. In which case there is PIMS Flexible...

Open-architecture PIMS Flexible

To allow your clients to build a truly customised portfolio, PIMS Flexible is open-architecture. They'll have their pick of any investment as long as it is acceptable to us. In addition PIMS Flexible continues to offer all of the institutional discounts on the investment funds within the PIMS Focused range.

Investment advice options

There are various advice options available, clients can manage their PIMS investments themselves or alternatively appoint you or another adviser to do so on their behalf. Alternatively the day-to-day work of managing investments can be outsourced to a specialised discretionary fund manager (PIMS Flexible only).

Appointing an Investment Adviser

An investment adviser can act on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis. An investment adviser operating on a discretionary basis will be allowed to instruct deals on behalf of their client without prior consultation. An investment adviser operating on a non-discretionary basis cannot instruct deals until they have first consulted their client. If you or someone else is to be appointed as the investment adviser to a policy it is important your client understands the differences.

Appointing a Discretionary Manager

Discretionary management allows the chosen manager to move quickly and take advantage of arising opportunities, when timescales can be demanding. This means greater potential for investment gains. Depending on the chosen discretionary manager, dealing fees and investment manager charges may vary from RL360's. This is because the discretionary manager will retain custody and dealing responsibilities for the investments linked to the policy.

And not forgetting the basics...

Institutional discounts

By investing through PIMS we can offer your clients institutional discounts on many investments that as a private retail investor they would not benefit from. This could significantly reduce the initial costs of investment.

Ten free deals at outset

The first ten dealing transactions on a PIMS policy are free of charge. Thereafter our standard dealing charge applies.

Cash deposits

PIMS Flexible policyholders may wish to hold money in an external cash deposit account. Please see our Cash Deposits spreadsheet for a selection of indicative rates currently available.