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Water and waste thematic funds

Pictet Water

The fund aims to invest in equities issued by companies operating in the water and air sector worldwide. 


The Compartment mainly invests in equities of companies providing water supply or processing services, water technology or environmental services. The Compartment may invest worldwide, including in emerging markets and Mainland China. 


In actively managing the Compartment, the investment manager uses a combination of market and fundamental company analysis to select securities that it believes offer favourable growth prospects at a reasonable price. The portfolio composition is not constrained relative to the benchmark, so the similarity of the Compartment's performance to that of the benchmark may vary.



RobecoSAM Sustainable Water Equities

The investment objective of the fund is to achieve a long-term growth in capital through investment of at least two thirds of its assets in a portfolio of carefully selected shares and other equities of companies with their registered office or the major part of their business activities in recognised countries which offer technologies, products or services that are related to the water value chain and which show an elevated degree of sustainability. 


The fund provides clients with concentrated equity exposure to the sustainable-water theme diversified in focus across the entire water value chain including companies focused on water quality and purification technologies, irrigation systems, waste water treatment facilities and utilities and infrastructure providers. 


Climate change, population growth, urbanization, and shifts in consumer dietary habits and agricultural practices are putting water supplies at risk. Companies focused on providing innovative and competitive solutions to these demographic and structural trends are well-positioned for long-term growth.