RL360 launches regular premium savings product Quantum

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RL360 launches new savings product ‘Quantum’ for international markets

RL360 has today launched a new regular premium savings product for international investors, called Quantum.

Quantum will be familiar in the offshore savings arena - it is based on a market-leading product with the same name which was sold under the Scottish Provident International Life Assurance brand (SPILA)* where over 30,000 policies were sold between 1995 and 2004. Whilst it retains many of the features that made Quantum popular, it has been reinvented to incorporate a range of up to date features which are intended to make it an even more attractive proposition to investors.


From today, Quantum is available to single and joint life investors in the international markets in which RL360 operates, excluding the UK and Lebanon. A dedicated Hong Kong variant is also in development and will undergo regulatory approvals for that market, for both expatriates and Chinese nationals.


The revamped Quantum is likely to be a popular choice with investors looking to save for the future. It is affordable and flexible, offering a low minimum monthly premium, access to wide choice of guided architecture funds at fully discounted terms from leading fund houses including JPMorgan, Franklin Templeton and Schroders, and is available in six base currencies.


Key features of new Quantum include:

  • access to more than 100 hand-picked funds from world-leading fund houses at fully discounted terms
  • direct investment only - no mirror funds
  • up to 600% initial premium incentive and loyalty bonuses
  • increased flexibility with the ability to change premium amounts, take premium holidays, take ad-hoc withdrawals and make single premium cash injections
  • available in six denominations (GBP Sterling, USD Dollars, EUR Euro, HKD Hong Kong Dollars, JPY Japanese Yen and CHF Swiss Francs
  • low minimum premium - GPB 200/USD 300 per month and no additional credit card fees
  • access to online valuations for both IFAs and clients, 24/7


A striking new advertising campaign has been unveiled to support the launch of the new Quantum product, based on the theme of The Comeback King. It is designed to highlight the heritage upon which the product is built, yet reflect the enhancements to it.


Natalie Dutton, Head of Marketing at RL360, commented: "For some time now, RL360 has been receiving an increasing number of requests from international IFAs asking us to re-introduce Quantum, which has been a key factor in our deciding to keep the well-regarded name.


"The Quantum product we have launched today contains many of the features that made the original Quantum so attractive and popular including low regular premiums, flexibility and online servicing, but has many enhancements such as the wide choice of direct investment funds, available at fully discounted terms, and the strength of our parent group.


"This is the second product we have brought to market since the launch of the RL360 brand, and as such is a very exciting and positive step forward. I expect Quantum to be very popular and hopefully achieve the success of its predecessor."


* The RL360 brand was created following the merger of Scottish Life International Insurance Company Limited and Scottish Provident International Life Assurance Limited (SPILA) in 2008.