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Fund Closure – Invesco Sterling Reserve

The board of directors of Invesco Global Asset Management Limited have decided to close their Invesco Sterling Reserve Fund on 10 July 2012.

Impacts on
these products

As the size of the fund has reduced to a level significantly below the threshold set out in the fund prospectus, Invesco feel it is no longer viable or in the best interests of the client to continue to run the fund when taking into account the impact of fixed costs on the performance and cost structure of the fund. 


The fund will be closed to subscriptions from 4 April 2012. Shareholders can redeem their shares in the fund up to 12.00pm (Irish time) on 9 July 2012. 


A client communication has been issued to any Preference and Kudos policyholders affected by the closure, with a copy to their servicing financial adviser. Policyholders are requested to supply an alternative fund choice before 3 July 2012 to allow us sufficient time to redeem units prior to the closure. Sample letters can be viewed opposite.


Sample letters