Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander IoM 8th Liquidation Distribution

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Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Isle of Man Eighth Liquidation Distribution

KSF (IoM) has announced a further liquidation distribution of 4.8p in the pound.

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Further to the seventh liquidation payment made on 15 June 2012, an eighth distribution of 4.8 pence in the pound was made on 28 June 2013. This has brought the total distributions to 95.8 pence in the pound. 


The liquidators had originally estimated that the total recoveries would be in the region of between 82.88% and 93.76%. So with distributions standing at 95.8% this is a positive result. 


We don't have any further information regarding the timing of future distributions, but for all the latest information please refer to the liquidators website at www.kaupthingsingers.co.im 


Letters confirming the amounts payable on individual policies have been despatched to advisers and clients by post.