Templeton Global Bond fund added to the LifePlan fund range

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Templeton Global Bond fund added to the LifePlan fund range

The fund will be added to the fund range with effect from 4 February 2013, and will be available in 3 currency variants.

Following a recent fund review we are pleased to announce the addition of the Templeton Global Bond fund to the range. It will be available in USD, EUR, EUR Hedged and CHF Hedged. Postioned in the Fixed Interest sector,it is a highly popular addition to the range. 


As the fund has been a consistent 1st and 2nd quartile performer *, we believe that you and your clients will find it a worthy addition to the range. 


We have also added CHF and USD currency variants of the Carmignac Patrimoine fund to the range. The additions now provide you and your clients with a total of 72 fund links (inclusive of all currency variants) to select from. 


Please download the February Investment Guide for LifePlan via the link opposite to ensure you have the most up-to-date material when advising clients. This includes the core information you need to know about each fund including the newly added Templeton fund. 


* Source: Financial Express, as at 31 December 2012

Investment Guide

  •  LifePlan (February 2013)
  • The Investment Guide is regularly updated to reflect additions and removals from the range. To ensure you have the latest version please go to the Downloads section.

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