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Even more funds added to Oracle, Paragon and Quantum

Following the recent launch of 13 new funds to the ranges, we're pleased to announce that a further 7 funds have now also been added

The funds which are from well-known fund houses Amundi, JPMorgan and GAM are available with immediate effect.

The additions offer investors another Islamic fund to select from, 3 more global managed funds, 2 single country funds focusing on Taiwan and Thailand and a fund which invests in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The fund range now consists of 135 core funds for policyholders to make their fund selection from, that's 231 individual funds in total when all currency variants are taken into account.

Updated investments guides for each product are available to download now via the links opposite. These include the core information you need to know about each of the new fund additions. Please download today to ensure you have the most up to date information when advising your clients.

Fund name

Currency options

Sector: Equity - Asia Pacific ex Japan

JPMorgan ASEAN Equity


Sector: Equity - Single Country

Amundi Funds Equity Thailand


JPMorgan Taiwan


Sector: Global Managed

GAM Star Balanced


GAM Star Cautious


GAM Star Growth


Sector: Islamic

Amundi Islamic Global Resources