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RL360 partners with Citibank

RL360's principal banking partner is now Citibank. We've updated our literature and forms to reflect the move.

RL360 has changed its principal banking partner from Barclays to Citibank.

Changing our accounts to the new bank has improved our operational efficiency and allowed us to do some much needed consolidation.

Prior to the switch, RL360 had a long standing relationship with Citibank through our Investment Management department. We were therefore able to work very closely with the bank to engineer a smooth and rapid changeover.

Policyholders and their IFAs were kept fully up to date with developments throughout the switch.

The new Citibank accounts are now in place and the old accounts have closed.

During 2012 we asked our clients who did not already pay their premiums by credit card or Direct Debit (UK or Offshore GBP bank accounts only) to redirect their future premiums to these new accounts. For those who have not yet done this, it is important that they do so as soon as possible. If they do not change to the new accounts their premiums cannot be accepted and their policy could lapse.

The transition should have been unnoticeable to all other customers and IFAs.

All relevant literature, including application forms, standing order forms and TT mandate forms, have been updated to include details of the new accounts.

For a full list of the new accounts, visit our dedicated webpages.

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