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Switching by fax and online

A quick and easy way to switch with RL360

A new RL360 fax number has been set up to receive switch instruction forms. This number - +44 (0) 1624 689 213 - should be used with immediate effect.


Affected switch request forms (Oracle, Paragon, Quantum, LifePlan) have been updated to reflect the new number - please note this does not affect PIMS or legacy Protected Lifestyle (Protected Lifestyle Lebanon) products.


But don't forget there is another, quicker and easier, way to switch.


Our exciting new switch instruction service, available exclusively on our Online Service Centre allows you to switch the holdings in your clients' policies in a fast, reliable and easy to use manner.


Once registered, for policies where you are authorised, you will be able to instruct:


  • Changes to the holdings of policies.
  • How future premiums will be split between different funds.
  • A rebalance of your clients' portfolios, based on the last set of instructions keyed online.


In addition to this, you can view previous and ongoing switch instructions via the Switch History page. You can use this to keep up-to-date with the progress of each instruction.


At present, switch instructions are only available on our guided architecture products, and not for Select, PIMS and Choice policies.


To get started, register for our Online Service Centre. Once registered, you can apply for access to our switch instruction service.

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