Changes to Natixis Hansberger Emerging Latin America Fund

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Changes to Natixis Hansberger Emerging Latin America Fund

With effect 10 April 2014 the Fund will undergo a number of changes.

Impacts on
these products

Modifications to the Fund will include a change of Investment Manager from "Hansberger Global Investors, Inc" to "Natixis Asset Management", and as a result of this; 


  • The reference to Hansberger Global Investors, Inc will be withdrawn from the Prospectus
  • The Fund will no longer benefit from its original track record and therefore, no performance will be shown for the Fund prior to 2014
  • The name of the Fund will change to "Natixis Emerging Latin America Equity Fund"


The fee structure and characteristics of the Fund, other than those described above, will remain the same. There are no charges to Shareholders in relation to Natixis making these changes. 


Full details of the changes can be viewed in the notification opposite.