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Fund Changes - Sarasin Agrisar Fund

As part of their ongoing product review process, Sarasin Investment Funds Ltd are making a number of changes to their Sarasin Agrisar fund which include a name change, share class mergers and changes to the fees charged.

Impacts on
these products

With effect from 4 February 2014: 


  • The performance fee was removed from the AP, FP, IP, PP and XP share classes
  • The Annual Management Charge (AMC) on the non-performance fee share classes, namely A, F, I, P and X were reduced by 0.25% bringing them into line with the AMC on the equivalent performance fee share class


On 16 June 2014 the following changes will apply: 


  • The fund will be renamed to "Sarasin Food and Agriculture Opportunities" to better reflect its objective
  • The non-performance fee share classes will be merged into their performance fee equivalent share class. The non-performance fee share classes will then be renamed removing the 'P' from the share class reference


What this means for Quantum, Oracle and Paragon policyholders 

The AP share class AMC will remain at 1.50% with no performance fee being charged. After the 16 June 2014, valuations will show your client holding the "Sarasin Food and Agriculture Opportunities A" fund, but the ISIN will remain the same. 


Policyholders do not need to do anything in relation to the above changes. 


Full details of the changes can be found in the Shareholder notification opposite.