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Quantum and PIMS are evolving

Based on your feedback, our two premier products have evolved. Quantum with enhanced allocation rates and PIMS with a new charging structure.

Quantum 2010 v Quantum 2015

  • USD 850 per month
  • Premium term 20 years
  • Growth rate 7.5%
    inclusive of all charges
  • 2015 Quantum projects
    $14,000 higher


Your support over the last 6 years has been hugely important to us. Combined with your feedback this has allowed us to introduce the following product improvements.




Premium allocation rates

Now even higher. We have introduced 2 new premium allocation bands - 101% and 102%. These are an integral part of the product and not part of a time limited special offer. If you have clients who are looking to pay a regular monthly premium of USD850 or higher, they will benefit from 101% enhanced allocation on every premium paid. For clients that can afford to pay USD1,500 a month, or more, they will benefit from 102% enhanced allocation.


We will not be applying any clawback on units received as part of the enhanced allocation, even if your client surrenders early. Initial units will however, still be subject to the standard surrender charges you are already familiar with.


Should your clients' start saving with an amount less than USD850 per month, they will still receive 100% allocation, and if they increase their premiums later they can then benefit from the higher allocation rates. If your client has indexed premiums, and this results in their premium exceeding USD850 or USD1,500 per month, then they will start receiving the higher allocation rate too.


And just to sweeten things further, if a policy qualifies for enhanced allocation at outset along with a premium incentive, the premium incentive will be applied to the policy using the enhanced allocation rate.


Please download the new literature suite and sales aids opposite for full details about Quantum.


Quantum illustrations

We have taken this opportunity to update the Quantum illustration output. This now includes a policy bonuses section that shows exactly which bonuses a policy has qualified for, along with the relevant amount or percentage to be applied.


Quantum 2015 summary

Quantum is now more competitive than ever, especially for premium terms between 10 and 20 years. In the example at the top of the page you can see how the new 2015 Quantum out-projects a 2010 Quantum on the same calculation basis by USD14,000.


Overall we believe Quantum 2015 is our best version of the product so far. Since 2010, we've been able to increase allocation rates, not once, but twice. We've added Australian dollars as a policy currency; made premium incentives available on top-ups; given you a capital redemption version; offered policy segmentation; expanded the fund range from approximately 100 funds to 150 funds with even more currency alternatives; we've even brought you online switching and a completely revised online service centre for you and your clients.


It is thanks to your support that we have been able to grow our business and achieve the scale needed to consistently improve our product offering, benefiting you and your clients.



New 8 year establishment fee structure


Complementing our existing 5 and 10 year establishment fee options, we've introduced an 8 year variant. Ideal for those of you who felt 5 years was a little too short, and 10 years a little too long, hopefully you will find 8 just right.


There is no difference to the way the establishment fee works, other than it is spread over 8 years rather and 5 or 10, so you should feel instantly at home with it.


Due to market conditions we've also significantly reduced the minimum premium for EUR investment. This has been reduced from EUR80,000 to EUR60,000. Please follow this link for more details about conversion rate changes on PIMS.


Hard copy literature

Is available now and you can order it in the usual way. PDF's are available opposite and via the product download pages.


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