Online dealing with RL360

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Online dealing with RL360

Online dealing for portfolio bonds, both old and new, has now arrived. This new functionality means you can now deal and switch online across all of your clients RL360 policies.

Using our Online Service Centre is now the fastest, most reliable and secure method of changing your clients asset mix. Once you have registered, performing trades is only a click or two away.


Online dealing is yet another enhancement in our programme of online developments, and there are lots more improvements being worked on.


So, what can you expect from online dealing?


A full history of transactions across all the policies for which you have dealing rights, not just a history of your online trades, will be available. Your dealing home screen will give you an overview of all the transactions in progress, completed transactions and completed foreign exchanges.


Well also keep you updated on the progress of trades with notifications to your online mailbox and prompts to log in via your regular email address.


From your dealing home screen you will be able to select a policy and perform a number of different transaction types, including individual buying and selling of assets, foreign exchanges and linked trades.


Getting started may require you to complete some forms, but click here to get started now.


Performing trades is just a click or two away.