RL360 PIMS enhanced with Capital Redemption version

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PIMS enhanced with Capital Redemption version

Our single premium portfolio bond, PIMS, has been enhanced for 2014 with the addition of a capital redemption variant. Yet another good reason to consider PIMS for your clients.

From 1 April 2014, you will now be able to choose a capital redemption version of PIMS for your clients. The capital redemption version has no lives assured, matures after 99 years and then pays out the surrender value plus a guaranteed GBP100 (or currency equivalent). As the bond doesn't have to end on someones death it can be useful in tax planning structures for heirs, corporates and executors.


Naturally the life assurance version remains available, all you have to remember is that you can't switch between the two types once a policy has been issued.


How do I quote on the new basis?

Our internal illustration system has been updated, so you can request a capital redemption or life assurance illustration via your usual RL360 contact.


How do I submit business on a capital redemption basis?

Just download the latest PIMS application and ensure that you tick the capital redemption box in section 1. Simple.