Amundi Islamic Golbal Resources' investment manager change review

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Amundi Islamic Golbal Resources' investment manager change review

As of 30 September 2015, Amundi will transfer part of its thematic expertise to CPR Asset Management.

Impacts on
these products

Accordingly, Amundi Luxembourg, acting as Management Company will appoint CPR Asset Management (“CPR AM”) as investment manager of the Amundi Islamic Global Resources fund in place of Amundi. 


CPR AM is a company incorporated under the French law, is licensed as portfolio management company and regulated by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers. Its registered office is situated at 90, Boulevard Pasteur 75015 Paris – Franc. CPR AM is a company fully owned by Amundi Group. 


The change of investment manager will not affect the investment objective and policy nor any effective investment process applied to the extent that:


  • the team of investment managers will be the same as it will be transferred from Amundi to CPR AM
  • Amundi and CPR AM use the same control and reporting tools


In addition the management fee and administrative fee will remain unchanged after the change of investment manager.