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Fund Suspension - Henderson UK Property Fund

We have received a notification from Henderson Global Investors informing us that with effect from 12 noon on 5 July 2016, all dealing activity in the Henderson UK Property Fund has been suspended until further notice.

Impacts on
these products

Henderson have advised that the suspension has been implemented to safeguard the interests of all investors. Uncertainty generated by the European Union referendum in the UK has had a negative effect on market sentiment and led to substantial withdrawals from property funds. A cash liquidity buffer is typically held to meet redemptions, but due to a significantly large number of redemptions following the referendum result, this has put pressure on the liquidity available to meet redemptions, meaning property within the funds portfolio will need to be sold in order to meet redemption demand. 


The dealing suspension will allow for an orderly sale of some properties while liquidity is restored and help ensure that the strong attributes of the portfolio in terms of its mix of properties and quality tenant base are not compromised while cash is raised ahead of a re-opening. 


For more information please view the shareholder notification and sample letters opposite.