Kames Ethical Corporate Bond Fund investment policy changes

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Kames Capital - Investment Policy changes to Kames Ethical Corporate Bond Fund

These Investment Policy changes to the fund will be effective on 1 October 2016

Impacts on
these products

Investment Policy Change – The fund managers at Kames Capital are amending the Investment Policies of the funds (as set out in the Prospectus) to remove the additional power to invest more than 35% of the Net Asset Value of each of these funds in the various Government and Public Securities (“GAPS”) specified in the Prospectus. 


They are making this change to reflect more accurately the way in which those sub-funds are currently managed (as there is no current intention for the funds to utilise such an additional power with respect to GAPS). This change will have no impact on the existing composition of the relevant sub-funds. 


Deposits - The Prospectus is being amended to confirm that each sub-fund may now invest up to 20% of its Net Asset Value in deposits with a single body in accordance with the standard limits applicable to UCITS funds (as opposed to only some Sub-funds) . 


For more information please view the shareholder notification opposite.