Investment Policy changes: Pictet Emerging Local Currency Debt Fund

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Changes to Investment Policy - Pictet Emerging Local Currency Debt Fund

The changes will include the possibility to invest in Sukuk.

Impacts on
these products

Pictet Asset Management has informed us that they have decided to review the investment policy of the fund in order to include the possibility to invest in Sukuk by adding the following sentence: 


“The Compartment may also invest up to 20% of its assets in Sukuk al Ijarah, Sukuk al Wakalah, Sukuk al Mudaraba or any other type of Shariah-compliant fixed-income securities within the limits of the grand-ducal regulation dated 8 February 2008.” 


These changes will take effect on 24 October 2016. 


If you or your client are not happy with these changes you may switch out, without charge, into another fund in the available range. 


The new Pictet prospectus will be available from the Company’s registered office on request. 


Please find Pictet notification opposite.