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RL360 puts advisers ahead of the game with its desktop online application system

In a fast-moving industry you need an efficient, cost-effective way of submitting your clients’ applications.

At RL360 we understand this and so we are thrilled to launch our desktop Quantum online application system for our advisers selling the company’s flagship regular premium product.

Agencies registered with RL360’s Online Services can set up their staff in a matter of minutes and you will then be able to key in and submit Quantum applications online.

You can see the advantages - no hold ups while the applications are in transit to us and no courier costs. The system’s smart validation feature means errors or omissions are identified early, reducing delays. Potentially, it will mean a policy could be issued on the same day or next day after it was submitted.

As RL360 will still require a wet signature, the system provides two options for completing an application:

1. Advisers can complete a hard copy of an application with their client, who will sign it, and then this will be keyed into the online system and uploaded by the agency.

2. The adviser and client can fill the application in online, it can be printed out and signed, and the signature then scanned back into the system.

Once the policy is issued, your client will automatically have access to all their policy documentation in electronic format via the Online Service Centre.

If your agency is registered with RL360’s Online Services, you can be set up to use online applications via the control panel. Alternatively, contact our web support team on websupport@rl360.com or +44 (0)1624 681685 for assistance.

We would also strongly advise you to sign up for our webinar where we will run through the system and explain how to use it.

To sign up for the webinar and find out more, visit our online application microsite at www.rl360quantum.com

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