Changes to Parvest Equity World Energy Fund

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Change of Name and Investment Policy - Parvest Equity World Energy Fund

Effective 16 November 2017, the fund will change name to "Parvest Energy Innovators" and amend its objective accordingly.

Impacts on
these guided-architecture products

Changes to the investment policy: In line with the name change, the fund's investment policy will be updated with the replacement of the targeted companies that conduct the majority of their business activities in the energy sector in related or connected sectors, by worldwide companies innovating to help meet the future energy requirements of a developing world. 


The Energy Innovation themes include, but are not limited to: 


(i) reduction in the cost of traditional resource extraction, 

(ii) enhancement of the ultimate recoverability of traditional resources, 

(iii) competitiveness and adoption of renewable and alternative energy sources, and 

(iv) reduction in the structural demand for energy. 


Investors do not need to take any action. The shareholder notification can be viewed opposite which includes changes to other Parvest funds in their product range. 



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