Change of investment manager for the Ashburton Global Investor funds

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Change of Investment Manager - Ashburton Global Investment Funds

We have been advised of the intention of Ashburton Global Investment Funds Limited to merge Ashburton Fund Managers Limited and Ashburton (Jersey) Limited in March 2018 for cost saving and administrative purposes.

Impacts on
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Summary of the changes: 

Ashburton Global Investment Funds Limited have advised of their intention to merge Ashburton Fund Managers Limited ("AFML") with Ashburton (Jersey) Limited ("AJL") in March 2018. The intended merger will take place for cost-saving, and internal administrative efficiencies. All legal and professional fees relating to the merger will be borne by AJL. 


Once the merger has taken place, AJL will assume the function of Manager to all Ashburton's Jersey-domiciled funds. It should be noted that the current Management Fee will remain unchanged for all funds upon AJL becoming Manager. It should also be noted that, upon the change of Manager, there will be no changes to the terms and conditions of the funds. 


The re-organisation has been approved by the funds' custodian, BNP Paribas Securities Services S.C.A., Jersey branch. It is also subject to the approval of the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Confirmation of such approval, and the merger and change of Manager has taken place, will be posted on within the Company news section following completion. 


There is no action required from shareholders. 



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