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Change of Name and Depositary - CF Miton Cautious Multi-Asset fund

With effect from 18 December 2017, the CF Miton Cautious Multi-Asset fund will be changing name to LF Miton Cautious Multi-Asset fund and changing Depositary.

Impacts on
these guided-architecture products

Summary of the changes:

Link Fund Solutions Limited ("LFSL"), as Authorised Corporate Director of the Company, have written to notify of forthcoming changes to the CF Miton Investment Funds (the "Company") and its sub-fund, CF Miton Cautious Multi-Asset fund (the "Sub-fund") and changes to the Depositary.

Details of the changes are set out below.

Change to the name of the Company and the Sub-Funds

With effect from 18 December 2017 the Company and the Sub-funds will be renamed as follows:

Current Name

Name from 18 December 2017

CF Miton Investment Funds

LF Miton Investment Funds

CF Miton Cautious Multi-Asset Fund

LF Miton Cautious Multi-Asset Fund

The reason for the name change is to bring the fund name of the Company and Sub-funds in line with the recent change of name of the Authorised Corporate Director to Link Fund Solutions Limited.

Change to the Depositary of the Company (and the Sub-funds)

On the 15 December 2017, the Depositary of the Company, BNY Mellon Trust & Depositary (UK) Limited ("T&D") will retire as Depositary and be replaced by The Bank of New York Mellon (International) Limited ("BNYMIL").

As a result, with effect from 15 December 2017, the current activities undertaken by T&D will now be performed by BNYMIL.

There is no action required from shareholders of the sub-fund. The shareholder notification can be viewed opposite.


For more information about CF Miton Investment Funds visit www.mitongroup.com