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Change to the way clients receive their portfolio bond valuations

From the start of 2019 valuations for all PPB plans will be available exclusively through our secure Online Service Centre (OSC) website.

An important benefit of this change is that once portfolio bond clients are registered on the OSC they will be able to view their plan’s performance whenever they choose to, completely securely, and the valuation will always be current.

From the end of 2018 we will no longer be sending out printed portfolio bond valuations to clients by post. Valuations will only be available on the OSC.


This change affects clients who are invested in the following plans:

  • PIMS
  • Self Investment Portfolio (sold originally under the Scottish Life International brand)
  • International Private Investment Portfolio (sold originally under the Scottish Life International brand)
  • Select (sold originally under the Scottish Provident International brand)
  • Choice (sold originally under the Scottish Provident International brand)

Valuations for all other products are unaffected and will continue to be sent out by post.

We have written to all clients (and their Advisers) with PPB plans to explain the change. This includes details of how clients can view the valuations on the OSC. The steps are shown below.


Clients may have registered for the OSC when they first took out their plan. If they did, they need to go to section 2 below. If they have not previously registered they can do so now by following the steps in Section 1.

1. If clients are not yet registered to use our OSC:

  • Visit www.rl360.com/servicing and follow the steps to register.
  • They will need to have your plan number ready as part of the registration process.
  • They will also be asked to provide an email address. Please note this must match the email address they provided to us and that we hold on our records.

2. If clients are already registered to use our OSC:

  • Log in at www.rl360.com/servicing using their existing login details. They will find their valuation in the Policy Servicing section.
  • If they have forgotten their password or user name, they can visit www.rl360.com/servicing and follow the Forgotten Your Security Information link.

If you need help

Please get in touch with us:

As their financial adviser, will also be able to view and prepare valuations for your clients (so long as you are registered to use our OSC).