Conduct of Business – what will happen on 1 July? RL360

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Conduct of Business – what will happen on 1 July? RL360

The final phase of the Isle of Man Conduct of Business Code (COB) comes into effect on 1 July. It will set the regulatory benchmark for other jurisdictions to follow.

At RL360 we believe the Code will bring about better outcomes and even greater protection for your clients. It’s also an opportunity for Advisers to write even better and more persistent business.


What does this mean for you?


The Code affects all business Advisers introduce to product providers based on the Isle of Man (with some exemptions for certain jurisdictions with similar requirements already in place). But, don’t worry, at RL360 we are here to help you through this change. 


A key change for phase 2 is the introduction of a personalised Key Information Document – or KID – that your clients will be required to sign as part of the application process. The KID contains the main features of the product as well as showing, in percentage terms, the fee you will receive for introducing the product. 


To make things straightforward for you, the KID is generated as part of the illustration process.



RL360 is revising all of its products to make sure they are fully COB compliant for 1 July. 


From 1 July 2019 our product line up will be: 


  • Regular premium product - Regular Savings Plan
  • Single premium products – PIMS and Oracle
  • Protection – LifePlan


We will be retiring our two current regular savings products, Quantum and Paragon, at the end of June. 


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