RL360 introduces a plan specific Portfolio X-Ray report

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We’ve introduced a plan specific Portfolio X-Ray report

You can now access a plan specific Portfolio X-Ray report for some of our products through our Online Service Centre (OSC).

The PDF report provides a wealth of information in one place to help you and your clients monitor the composition and behaviour of the portfolio to ensure it is in line with your expectations. 


You and your clients will be able to look through the portfolio of investment funds held in each plan. It’s a great way to view and evaluate asset allocation and sector weightings, and view the stock holdings behind the investment funds. The report will also provide information on the level of risk, or volatility, within the portfolio and an indication of fund charges. 


Please note, the report does not take into account any plan transactions (such as regular payments, fund switches, top-ups and payment holidays) or plan specific charges and thus does not reflect a client’s actual plan valuation. 



The Portfolio X-Ray report will be available for the following products:


  • Regular Savings Plan
  • Regular Savings Plan Malaysia
  • Oracle
  • Quantum (post 2010)
  • Quantum Malaysia
  • Paragon
  • LifePlan
  • Preference




To find out how to make use of the Portfolio X-Ray report please refer to our 'Portfolio Scan X-Ray User Guide'


You’ll need to be registered for the OSC to access the reports so, if you’re not already registered, you can sign up here


Once you’re in the OSC, the reports can be accessed from the ‘current holdings’ table on the plan summary page.