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Aberdeen Standard Investments - A rolling selection of articles related to the coronavirus

We feature a selection of articles produced by Aberdeen Standard Investments. More articles are available on the Aberdeen Standard Investments Thinking Aloud home page.

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How is this recession different? - 18/05/2020

We are in the midst of an unprecedented global recession triggered by the Covid-19 virus. The speed, scale, and breadth of the contraction in economic activity are unlike anything we have seen in the post-war era. However, we can still look to history to provide some guidance on how this recession may propagate through the economy, how policy can and should respond, and what the long term implications of the shock may be.

US profits: will they bounce back as quickly as investors think? - 12/05/2020

US earnings season is always a spectacle and this time around is no different. Well, no different but for one exceptional factor: Covid-19, and its effects on company profits. The businesses that make up the S&P 500 Index have started to tell us how they performed from January to March, a period of unprecedented operating conditions.

Covid-19 and the environment: a ray of light? - 12/05/2020

The most acute impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic have been on people’s health and financial security. However, the outbreak has also highlighted the toll that regular human activities have on our environment, and in particular climate change and air pollution.

Can emerging markets withstand the coronavirus shock? - 11/05/2020

After originating in China, coronavirus began to take hold in many other parts of the world in mid-March. Some other emerging markets (EMs) may be less able to deal with coronavirus than China, or advanced economies, such as the United States.

Asia Pacific – back to basics - 08/05/2020

The coronavirus pandemic and oil price slump drove a sharp sell-off in global risk assets which, despite a partial rebound, has left investors wondering how to position their portfolios. Against this backdrop, we believe an active, quality-focused approach to equities remains the best way to deliver long-term returns for our clients, nowhere more so than in Asia Pacific.

Investing for a better future: the importance of governance during the Covid-19 crisis - 06/05/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic poses an existential threat to many companies. It therefore requires their boards and management to take decisive actions in the short term that first allow them to survive and then eventually flourish as restrictions are gradually lifted.

How will asset management be affected by the Covid-19 crisis? - 29/04/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is like nothing any of us has ever experienced. The crisis will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for people, businesses and society as a whole. The asset management industry also faces monumental challenges, as it seeks to continue to turn savings into investments for clients large and small. This task has perhaps never been as great and the lessons we have learned will be vital in helping rebuild the world that awaits. I believe we are up to the challenge.

Keep calm and carry on - 29/04/2020

An unexpected global pandemic has triggered the third bear market of the 21st century. At the start of the year, equity analysts had priced in profits growth of 5-10% a year, now they are downgrading their profits estimates by 5-10% a week. One of the deepest economic recessions since the 1930s will expose some well-known and some less well understood imbalances, whether economic, political or financial.

Searching for income in the current economic downturn - 23/04/2020

For investors reliant on income, the current economic outlook appears bleak. Where should they look for yield? Many newspapers talk about investors as a single group, when of course we’re all different in terms of our approach to risk, our time horizons or the ultimate objective from our savings.

Revolutionising central banking: why ‘helicopter money’ is the right policy for our times - 22/04/2020

The speed, depth and breadth of the coronavirus recession is unprecedented. Policymakers cannot avert the near-term pain. But they can limit the permanent scars from this crisis through bold and decisive action.

Dividends done? - 22/04/2020

We live in unprecedented times. The Covid-19 crisis has radically changed all aspects of daily life and business. Markets have plunged, while companies from across the investment spectrum have cancelled or delayed dividends. Which begs the question: is this the end of equity income investing as we know it?

Letter from home: Josh Duitz in New York - 22/04/2020

Josh Duitz is Senior Vice President, Global Equities : It feels like coronavirus hit the U.S. all at once, taking over headlines and inboxes and conversation overnight. For me, it hit just as quickly, but perhaps a little earlier. I was taking the train into work in Manhattan on March 3 when I received a message from my son’s school. Classes were not going to held that day. It was closing because a student’s parent had potentially contracted COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Hugh Young’s letter from home - 15/04/2020

Hugh Young is Managing Director, Asia Pacific : Let me share a few thoughts about Asia, a region that’s been my home for nearly three decades.

How COVID-19 could impact all things Trump - 15/04/2020

The current global health pandemic is fundamentally changing President Trump’s re-election campaign chances.

Chief Economist Dispatches: the importance of forecasting humility - 15/04/2020

It is natural to want to rush to judgement about the long-term changes the coronavirus pandemic will bring, whether in an attempt to get ahead of the game or simply impose some order amidst the chaos. But as understandable as that impulse is, it can also be dangerous, allowing highly speculative claims to circulate and gain currency – almost like the virus itself.

What does the pandemic mean for long term investors? - 08/04/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has had – and is still having – a terrible human cost. Many are facing fears for their lives and livelihoods, and for those of their families and friends. At such a time, looking at your investment strategy seems trivial. But once we’ve each dealt with the outbreak’s most pressing concerns, we do need to think about how it will change the shape of our investments in the future.

China standing out among emerging markets - 08/04/2020

Like those almost everywhere else, emerging markets (EMs) suffered a coronavirus shock in March.

Parallels with the global financial crisis - will this time be different? - 01/04/2020

In recent weeks, equity markets have suffered their steepest falls since 2008. This has prompted comparisons with the global financial crisis – the event that has defined the past 12 years. Is the comparison valid? What’s different this time, and how might that shape the global economy once the pandemic has passed?

April and May 2020

Please note that these are the views of investment professionals at Aberdeen Standard Investments and should not be interpreted as the views of RL360.


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Aberdeen Standard Investments

April and May 2020

Please note that these are the views of investment professionals at Aberdeen Standard Investments and should not be interpreted as the views of RL360.

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