July '20 sector review: introducing responsible investing to our defined fund ranges

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Further enhancements to our range of funds provides you with the option to invest responsibly.

We have completed the fourth stage of a review of our defined fund ranges. In this step, we have looked at Property, European Bond, Asia Pacific Equity and Commodity & Energy. 


As part of this review we have also introduced a range of new funds that will sit under a new RL360 sector entitled "Responsible Investing". Click here for more information on responsible investing



Why we conduct reviews

By reviewing funds on a regular basis, using tools from independent global investment research company Morningstar®, the company that powers our interactive fund centres, we seek to identify and add funds that stand out in their respective peer groups for performance, risk/reward balance, objectives or investment style. We also look at funds that analysts at Morningstar believe will outperform their sector. Those funds you've asked to see in the range will be considered as long as they provide the necessary qualities and fit our parameters. 


A review isn't just about adding funds. Importantly, we also take steps to remove funds we feel are no longer appropriate for the range. Our goal is to provide you with a best of breed range of quality funds covering a variety of sectors, regions and asset classes.



We're pleased to announce the addition of a number of new funds across the products listed above, which are available for investment from July 2020. These are now featured in the fund guides published from July onwards and in the fund centres. 


We've also removed some funds with immediate effect and these are now closed to new business and switches in. Existing investors affected by the removals will be written to in July providing them with two months’ notice of our intention to switch their holdings out and into an alternative fund. These clients can continue to invest in the closing fund(s) until we switch them out. Switches will take place between 22 and 25 September 2020. Samples of these letters can be viewed opposite. 


If clients are happy with our choice of receiving fund then they do not need to do anything and will be switched automatically (including redirection of any regular payment allocation where applicable). However, if they would prefer to switch to a different fund it’s very easy to do. Switches can be submitted by completing and returning a Fund switch instruction form or, if registered for online switching, conducting a switch online fast and efficiently. 


Click on the sliders below to see details of the changes for each product range.

ADDITIONS - Regular Savings Plan, Oracle, Quantum, Paragon (including Malaysia variants)

REMOVALS - Regular Savings Plan, Oracle, Quantum, Paragon (including Malaysia variants)



REMOVALS - Protected Lifestyle



Information contained within these tables is sourced from Morningstar® and is correct as at 17 June 2020.


* Morningstar® awards a Star rating based on historic returns adjusted for risk and charges, with the top 10% of funds in a category awarded a 5 Star and the bottom 10% a 1 Star. 


** Ongoing Charge (“OCF”) includes the Annual Management Charge plus other operational expenses, so better reflects the total costs applied to the fund.

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Fund guides and forms

Applicable to Regular Savings plan, Oracle, Quantum and Paragon (including Malaysia variants)

Applicable to LifePlan

Applicable to Protected Lifestyle

Sample letters

Applicable to Regular Savings plan, Oracle, Quantum and Paragon (including Malaysia variants)

Applicable to LifePlan