Name and investment policy change: UBS (Lux) Money Market Fund

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Change to fund name and investment policy – UBS (Lux) Money Market Fund

UBS has announced a change to the fund name and investment policy of its UBS (Lux) Money Market Fund (the “Fund”) which will take effect 26 November 2021.

Available in our open-architecture products

The Fund features in our open-architecture products and will be subject to changes detailed in the UBS notification document opposite.


Available in our defined fund range products

The Fund can be found in our defined fund range products Oracle, Paragon, Quantum, RSP (including Malaysia variants), LifePlan, LifePlan Lebanon, Protected Lifestyle and Protected Lifestyle Lebanon. A summary of the changes to the fund name are detailed in the tables below. 


Current fund nameNew fund name
UBS (Lux) Money Market AUD UBS (Lux) Money Market CHF UBS (Lux) Money Market EUR UBS (Lux) Money Market GBP UBS (Lux) Money Market USDUBS (Lux) Money Market AUD Sustainable UBS (Lux) Money Market CHF Sustainable UBS (Lux) Money Market EUR Sustainable UBS (Lux) Money Market GBP Sustainable UBS (Lux) Money Market USD Sustainable


UBS have added some new sections to their investment policy, specifically relating to the profile of a typical investor which outlines the new focus on ESG characteristics. 


You can view a copy of the UBS notification document opposite for a detailed breakdown of all the changes. 



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