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Various changes - Invesco Funds

Invesco has announced various changes to its fund range which will take effect between September and October 2021.

Available in our open-architecture products

Various funds affected by this notification feature in our open-architecture products and will be subject to changes detailed in the Invesco Funds notification document opposite.

Available in our defined fund range products

Euro Ultra-Short Term Debt Fund (the "EUSTD fund")

The EUSTD fund can be found in our defined fund range products Preference and Kudos. From 17 September 2021, the expected level of leverage has been increased from 10% to 30% of the NAV of the EUSTD fund.

Invesco Funds have confirmed that this change will have no material impact on how the EUSTD fund is managed and will not change the risk profile of the EUSTD fund.

Global High Income Fund (the "GHI fund")

The GHI fund can be found in our defined fund range products Preference and Kudos. From 14 October 2021, the investment policy of the GHI fund will be updated to remove the factor-based strategy element and to reposition as a pure fundamental strategy. Due to some changes in the leadership of the fund management team, the factor-based approach no longer represents the style/approach of the current portfolio managers. It is believed that this change should allow the Shareholders to derive maximum benefit from the portfolio manager’s demonstrated skillset (fundamental investment management).

Invesco Funds have confirmed this change is not intended to have a material impact on the risk profile of the GHI fund.

You can view a copy of the Invesco Funds notification document opposite for a detailed breakdown of all the changes.


For more information about Invesco Funds visit www.invesco.com

Impacts on these defined fund range products