Subscription closure: Pictet Global Environmental Opportunities Fund

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Subscription closure - Pictet Global Environmental Opportunities Fund

With effect from 17 September 2021, the fund will be closed to new subscriptions and switches-in in relation to our defined fund range products listed below.

Reason for the subscription closure

The Pictet Global Environmental Opportunities fund was soft closed by Pictet Asset Management (Europe) S.A. Luxembourg because the fund size is reaching the maximum level for efficient execution of the strategy.


The fund features in our defined fund ranges listed opposite and as a result of the soft closure, and the introduction of monthly subscription trading limits, we have taken the decision to stop accepting new subscriptions and switches-in for the fund from plan owners of these products with effect from 17 September 2021.


Existing plan owners who already have a unit holding in the fund can remain invested and if they are currently allocating any of their regular payment into the fund can continue to do so. New investors and existing investors who are not yet invested in the fund will no longer be able to select the fund for investment.


The fund will continue to be listed in the product fund centres to allow existing investors and their financial adviser to monitor performance and obtain a regular factsheet, but will no longer feature in the Savings and Investment fund guide.