Various changes to Janus Henderson Global Responsible Managed Fund

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Various changes to Janus Henderson Global Responsible Managed Fund

We have been notified by Janus Henderson Investors ("Janus Henderson") of the following upcoming changes to its Janus Henderson Global Responsible Managed Fund (the “Fund”) detailed in the table below. These changes will take effect from the 10 October 2022 (the “Effective Date")


The Fund features in our defined fund range products listed opposite. A summary of the changes in relation to the Fund are detailed in the table below. Please refer to the Janus Henderson notification found opposite for full details regarding these changes.


ISINFund nameSummary of changes
GB0031833402Janus Henderson Global Responsible Managed A Acc GBP
  • An updated investment objective, policy and strategy which is intended to more clearly describe each fund's investment approach.
  • An exclusionary approach which provides detail on the exclusionary screens applied to all investments in each fund and instances in which investments in activities that would otherwise be excluded may be permitted.
  • A new firmwide exclusions section which sets out certain controversial weapons which are excluded from all Janus Henderson funds.



The Fund can be accessed through our portfolio bonds. Please refer to the notification opposite for details.


For more information about Janus Henderson Investors visit