Change of charity organisation - BNP Paribas Islamic Fund

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Change of charity organisation - BNP Paribas Islamic Fund

The change of charity organisation to Médecins Sans Frontières will be updated in the March 2022 Luxembourg Prospectus.

BNP Paribas Asset Management Luxembourg has announced that in respect of the BNP Paribas Islamic Fund ("The Fund") the Luxembourg Prospectus will be updated to indicate that the amount of dividend income attributed, for Islamic Sharia purposes, to interest income earned or received by the underlying investee companies as well as to the interest-baring debt is donated once a year by the Fund to Médecins Sans Frontières instead of the Arab World Institute. 


This change has been made with the approval of the Fund's Sharia Supervisory Committee.


Available in our defined fund range products

This change affects the sub-fund shown below, which features in our defined fund range products listed opposite. 


Fund nameISIN
BNP Paribas Islamic Fund Equity Optimiser CC Acc USD











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