Templeton Global Bond Fund removed from RL360 defined range

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Removal from our defined fund range - Templeton Global Bond Fund

We continually monitor the funds available to our defined fund range to ensure plan owners continue to have access to a high quality and diverse range of funds, to help them meet their investment goals.

As part of our review process, we consider the performance and risk profile of funds within the range to determine whether they continue to provide the right outcomes for investors and remain appropriate for the product. As a result, we will be removing one fund (the “Closing Fund”), including currency variants, from our Global fixed interest sector.


What does this mean?

We have selected an alternative fund (“the Receiving Fund”) that holdings will be switched into automatically (including any regular payment allocation) on 14 December 2022. Plan owners can remain invested in the Closing Fund until the date we switch. The details of the Closing Fund in each currency and the Receiving Fund can be found in the relevant product sliders below.

Regular Savings Plan, Oracle, Quantum, Paragon, LifePlan (including Malaysia variants)

Protected Lifestyle

LifePlan Lebanon

Protected Lifestyle Lebanon

Switching funds is easy

Visit the fund centre for the relevant product at www.rl360.com/fundcentres to decide on a new fund, or funds. After that choose one of the following options:


Switch onlineSend us your changes
If plan owners are a registered user of our Online Service Centre and have signed up for online switching, they can log into their account at www.rl360.com and submit their switch online quickly and efficiently.Download a copy of our Fund Switch Instruction Form, which is found on the relevant product fund centre website page, complete it and fax, post or email a scanned version back to us using the details on the form.


More information for the Closing Fund and the Receiving fund can be obtained from the Documents tab of the relevant product fund centre at www.rl360.com/fundcentres. Documents include factsheet, prospectus and Key investor information document which details charges, fund objective and strategy and risks associated to the funds.

Sample letters

Applicable to Regular Savings Plan, Oracle, Quantum, Paragon and LifePlan(including Malaysia variants):

Applicable to Protected Lifestyle:

Applicable to Lebanon plan owners: